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When it comes to any rare coins, gold items or silver items, we can give you the best and fairest appraisal. Looking to buy rare coins, or silver or gold bullion? The Coin Broker will make sure you get a fair deal! Come to The Coin Broker and see what we have available.

Buying Gold Bay Area, CA

Sterling Silverware and Accessories

Whether you’re looking for money for your sterling silverware and accessories, or looking to purchase sterling silver items, The Coin Broker can help you buy or sell!

Gold and Silver Jewelry

Do you have gold jewelry that no longer suits your tastes or reflects your current style? Selling is the perfect solution for solo earrings or dated necklaces with broken clasps. We are continuously buying gold and will purchase your jewelry at fair market value.


US Currency and World Currency

We want your euros! We will purchase the money that you brought back to the Bay Area from your European vacation at a highly competitive rate.


US and World Stamps

The Coin Broker is more than just rare coins and buying & selling gold! We buy and sell U.S. and World stamps, as well! Come in and talk to one of our experts and get more information on buying and selling U.S. and world stamps!


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