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Is gold back at a level you are considering selling some of your gold? The Coin Broker is currently paying premium prices for 1 oz. American Eagle gold coins. We're paying new higher prices. Bring 'em in and don't miss this opportunity to get the most for your gold.

The Coin Broker is also offering new higher prices for silver products. Currently we need 1 oz. rounds/ingots and 10 oz. bars.

All done with your European vacation? Welcome home! And now, if you're trying to figure out how to get dollars for all those Euros you brought home, bring them in; The Coin Broker will buy your Euros at a very competitive rate.

Missing one earring from a pair? Have a necklace or bracelet with a broken clasp? Just don't wear a piece of jewelry anymore? If you're done with it, we'll buy your gold jewelry and pay top dollar.

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With the price of silver this low, it is a great time to invest in silver coins; here are a few options The Coin Broker is pleased to offer our customers:

  • Canadian Silver Dollars
    • 1958 "Totem Pole" Dollar, only $14.95 each
    • 1964 Commemorative Dollar, only $13.95 each
  • U.S. 1982 George Washington Proof Half dollar, only $10.25 each
  • We have also reduced our price on old US Silver Dollars

These are among the best deals and prices in the Bay area, swing by today and get it out!

  • Oh say, look at that sale! The band was playing, the fireworks were impressing us with their red glow, and evidently we got carried away in all the excitement of the forth of July and bought too many Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine, America The Beautiful (ATB) quarters. So, we're having a sale on these high-flying ATB quarters. For a limited time, customers may purchase an uncirculated roll (40 quarters) of the Fort McHenry ATB quarters fresh from the US Mint for only 23.50 per roll; and if you'd like, we'll let you have a three-roll pack of  1 roll of S, 1 roll of D, and 1 roll of P for only $63.00! Get 'em while they last.
  • One of the most iconic and widely collected coins is the United States Morgan Silver Dollar. Some of the coins in this series are highly sought after due to their low mintage numbers; the 1895-O is such a coin (approximate mintage numbers are only 450,000), The Coin Broker is pleased to offer these seldom seen coins in circulated condition graded VG to VF. These coins are investment grade coins that will fill an open slot in your Morgan collection or serve as a monetary investment. Swing by today and check out these numismatic beauties.
  • Come check out our new inventory of silver coins ($20 and $25 dollar denomination) from British Virgin Islands!

  • The Coin Broker is having a limited time sale of U.S. Prestige Proof Sets dated 1984 - 1990. These beautifully boxed sets include a commemorative silver dollar (containing 0.77344 oz. of silver - almost a full oz.), and proof circulating coins from that year. These are fun sets to collect or used to commemorate special date occasions. The Coin Broker is selling these for the lost cost of only $32.50. At this price they won't last long, come get yours today!

  • The recent purchase of an estate has brought in new sterling silver service items, collectible spoons, teaspoons, etc. Come check out the new arrivals. With the price of silver this low, these are bargains we might not see again for quite a while.
  • Collect California National Notes? The Coin Broker has some hard to find notes for your collection. We have an unlisted Red Bluff (02PB), Sacramento, San Mateo, and Redwood City large and small size notes.

  • The Coin Broker is continually updating our inventory of key date U.S. type coins. We also maintain a large selection of silver dollars to meet your collecting needs

  • The Coin Broker maintains one of the largest selctions of China currency including some of the rarest notes available

  • Sometimes it is difficult to know what to buy the numismatist (coin collector) in your life. If you're not certain which coin to buy, The Coin Broker sells Gift Certificates redeemable at The Coin Broker

Items Purchased From Estates

From time to time, The Coin Broker is honored to assist in the liquidation of an estate that contains more than coins and currency. Sometimes these items are gold and silver jewelry, sterling silver flatware service items and silver plate flatware items. We like to offer these items to our customers before they get sent to the smelter. Here are a few items we're currently selling.


Want to look like a million bucks ...

... but don't have a million bucks to spend on your looks? The Coin Broker to the rescue! In one of our recent estate purchases we discovered a significant amount of very nice looking costume jewelry. We're letting this go cheap. Have fun dressing yourself up or getting some "treasures" for the little ones dress up play time.


Trivia Answer

Which U.S. coin has been referred to as "two bits?"

Answer: The Quarter. In the early days of U.S. money, the main coin was the Spanish dollar, which was sometimes cut (like a pie) into eight "bits." Each bit was worth 12 1/2 cents. Therefore, the American quarter dollar was said to be worth "two bits.